Roof Repair

After roof damage or wear, roof repair may be required. These leaks can occur when strong winds cause damage to shingles. Leaks can cause more severe mold and mildew problems such as wood rot, wood rot, peeling paint around roof vents, and rotting fascia boards at roof gable ends. Sometimes, snow can cause a roof to shift from its original position by melting onto another structure. Again, professional roofing contractors are the best choice.

How can you tell if your roof needs to be repaired?

There are many reasons that a roof should be replaced. These are:

-Roof has leaking and water damage in the ceiling. Shingles are cracked or curled from snow weight, improper installation, nails entering through shingles, strong winds, dirt embedded in granules, and scratching against one another. This can lead to lifting or curling the surface of the roof and eventual wear and tear due to exposure to sunlight.

The nails in most roof types (wood and asphalt roofing) will rust from exposure to rainwater and cold temperatures, leading to holes in the very structure that we are trying to protect against water penetration. This could occur on the roof or the roof overhang. Water damage can be caused by leaking from these types of holes.

-Roofs are too old and need to be replaced. Most local jurisdictions will not allow a new homeowner to place a shingle over a failing plywood deck structure with nails poking up through the plywood, which fails to hold the weight of snow during accumulation periods in winter months.

The homeowners must have their roof fixed before they can install new shingles. Otherwise, inspectors will fine them. Shingle granules do not adhere well to the roof due to dirt embedded on the roof or chemicals used to treat them to prevent mold/mildew and moss. These can be removed with a pressure washer. The roof surface can then be treated like new.

-Roof is older than the manufacturer’s warranty. If there are not any leaks, the homeowner might consider re-roofing an existing roof to protect their investment. As long as gutters and downspouts remain clear, it should not be a problem to re-roof an older roof that is still functioning well. This will allow the water from the roof to flow freely through the old wooden deck. It will also prevent water from leaking through any nails or rotted wood.

Can anyone do a roof repair on their own?

Roof repairs should only be done by licensed roofing contractors who are skilled in installing new shingles and re-roofing existing ones. They also know how to replace boards and felt papers, nail new shingles with screws, and repair damaged boards. Roofers are not often considered general construction workers. To convince homeowners, they need to look professional and present their roof repair or roof replacement warranties. Our professional team of roofers can assist you with any type of roofing problem.